Paint Color Consulting involves much precision and years of experience with an eye for those tones bleeding through, or color pulling from he
existing surrounding. This practice is part science and part art. It is very precise. That is why we begin with producing large 3 x 4 ft.
boards for clients to easily see how those colors will translate to a particular part of the home and at different times of day when light
changes color.

Since colors are healing, people are drawn to individual color groups. We are experts at matching the residents, the architecture while
producing a design statement which evokes a sense of welcome, ease and wellbeing. With decades of practicing this, we guarantee that we
will choose just the correct color depth and tone, with the exact amount of 'soft' yet ‘bold',but not too bold for you, and for each and
every room of your beautiful home.

Please call for a free estimate.
We guarantee that you will love the results!

Isabelle Richard
Founder/Principal designer