Principal designer, Isabelle Richard has been described as a "Property Whisperer, Space Editor.’’

“Whether you are looking to change your interior or exterior paint color, update your fireplace, remodel a bathroom or resurface your kitchen cabinets, you’ve come to the right place!”

Isabelle assesses her client's style with great accuracy and precision, working with today's latest design styles from understated elegant, industrial urban rustic, mid century modern, eclectic or traditional. Whatever you are drawn to! She will help you dial in what you love and enjoy, discover your aspirations and develop a concept to fit your lifestyle. The same principles apply for remodeling, paint color updating or staging your well loved home for resale. In which ever service arena, we strive to bring to you the latest and most innovative designs combining comfort, function, luxury and beauty that uniquely fit your needs.

Regarding your Interior design wish list-

“I say acquire pieces you truly love, experiment, have fun. Your home should be a joyous place. Above all, it’s important to me that my client’s home feels like the best expression of their tastes, so we curate collections, arrange vignettes of meaningful objects, sometimes collaborating with artisans to design custom, hand made originals, to enhance existing furnishings. I love bringing in organic elements, objects that animate a room, and yet give the room an ‘undecorated feel’. A successful project is a space that looks and feels warm, lived in, and above all, personal creating spaces for you to dwell in your own true nature! I guarantee you will love the results!’

~ Isabelle Richard